Worldshield XLPE

Worldshield XLPE is manufactured with a 19lb, 2mm Worldcell® blend, inline laminated to irradiated XLPE (comparable with Volara grade). When the two materials are laminated together, they become a durable and economic option that can be used in many reusable packaging applications. Because no adhesive glue is used, the bond is remarkably strong and heat resistant.
Similar to our Worldcell® materials, Worldshield XLPE provides:

- Class “A” friendly surface protection

- Higher strength consistency in all directions across the sheet due to its non-directional structures

- No open flutes that can trap dirt or moisture which can cause contamination

- Quicker processing for fabrication methods such as die cutting, waterjet cutting, ultrasonic welding, heating sealing, and thermoforming

- 48” x 96” stock size for immediate shipment

- Reach & RoHS approved

Worldshield XLPE is made from soft irradiated XLPE inline-laminated to Worldcell® PP foam sheets. Worldshield XLPE is produced in two main variants:

1. Inline-laminated with static dissipative irradiated XLPE to help shield electronic parts

2. Inline-laminated with non-static dissipative irradiated XLPE to protect very delicate parts from surface damage

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Worldshield Non-woven

Worldshield Non-woven is a partially recycled blend of Worldcell that has been laminated inline without the use of adhesives.  The substrate of the material has been expanded 2 times by foam extrusion to provide hardwearing support.  The material is extruded at 25lb 2mm and 30lb 3.2mm and can be laminated in line with:

- 1 side 75gsm(3oz.) non-woven

- 2 sides 75gsm(3oz.) non-woven

Since the material is laminated inline using heat, there is no need for the use of adhesives, meaning no glue residue when using fabrication methods such as die cutting or sonic welding.  This material provides a soft surface with excellent "Class A" friendly impact resistance.  The non-woven laminates have a good strength consistency across the sheet and can easily be fabricated for your application.  Worldshield™ Non-woven can be cost effective alternative for packaging even some of the most delicate automotive parts.

>>Typical Properties Sheet<<