At Worldcell® Extrusions, we are dedicated to producing high-quality polypropylene foam sheets.  Being a customer service oriented company, we constantly strive to produce the best and most innovative products for our customers.  Below is a list of the current materials offered at Worldcell® Extrusions:

Worldcell® 3x Expansion (19lb)

Worldcell® 3x is a blend that has been expanded 3 times by foam extrusion giving it durable, yet lightweight characteristics.  This blend makes fabrication a cinch thanks to the superior cutting quality of the material.  Common fabrication techniques include die cutting, water jet cutting, thermoforming, ultrasonic welding, and CNC routing.  This material provides:

- Class "A" friendly surface protection

- Good strength consistency 

- Easy fabrication

- No flutes and an easy to clean exterior

Compared to traditional plastic corrugated or other materials widely used in handheld tote applications, Worldcell® provides a durable, low abrasion surface without the need of lamination.  This material is perfect for packaging abrasion sensitive parts.  Unlike corrugated plastic, Worldcell® does not contain flutes, which can trap dirt or moisture causing contamination.

Worldcell® 2x Expansion (29lb)

Worldcell® 2x expansion is a denser blend than the 3x expansion that has been expanded 2 times by foam extrusion.  While this blend is heavier than 3x, it still has a lightweight feel to it as opposed to HDPE.  This 2x expansion material provides a stiff, rigid surface while still being a low abrasion material.  Many applications include tote dunnage and HDPE replacements.  This material provides:

- Smooth surface with excellent Class "A" friendly impact resistance

-Easy to clean surface

- No flutes to trap dirt or contaminates

- Easy fabrication

- Excellent strength consistency

This material is commonly used as a replacement for heavy duty plastic corrugated and even HDPE in some cases.  Being half the weight of an HDPE sheet, Worldcell® offers a lightweight and cost effective alternative in some cases.